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In order to make teaching & learning process more interesting, smart classes with the use of digital boards have been introduced for all the classes from Pre-KG to Grade IX.
Through technology aided classroom learning, a child gets the opportunity to learn new things using various tools. Mind mapping, using 3D techniques becomes highly effective when used in a smart class.

School Pledge

We the children of MMV CBSE School, pledge to be disciplined in behaviour and refined in our thoughts, speech and action. We pledge to learn the holistic education imparted and develop qualities, which will make us good citizens. Wepledge to be always truthful, presentable, respect the liberty and rights of others. Wepledge to value our time and use our energy, for something positive and useful. Wepledge to respect and conserve the diverse bounties of nature and make the world a better place to live in.

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