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The Auditorium with a seating capacity of 3000, is meant to be more than just a space for getting together to perform shows or functions. It is meant to serve as the veritable soul of the institution. A space where students play indoor games, catch up with their friends in the break time, have arcane arguments, intellectual debates or just plain exchange of enjoyable banter. This venue will act as the area for students to have sessions of Drop Everything And Read or just get together and jam.

The school has an audio visual hall with acoustics for an enjoyable audio visual experience.

It is equipped with 4K Interactive Smart Board(140 Square Feet), latest light & sound system and a stage to cater to the performances. This unique feature assists the children to refine their confidence and overcome stage fear.

A commendable feature of our auditorium is it is fully air conditioned so that the natures hardships is felt less.

School Pledge

We the children of MMV CBSE School, pledge to be disciplined in behaviour and refined in our thoughts, speech and action. We pledge to learn the holistic education imparted and develop qualities, which will make us good citizens. We pledge to be always truthful, presentable, respect the liberty and rights of others. We pledge to value our time and use our energy, for something positive and useful. We pledge to respect and conserve the diverse bounties of nature and make the world a better place to live in.

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